A one stop shop is often the most desirable option from a buyer’s perspective, we have just that.

Whether you want to make use of our in house rumbling service, or polishing of your stainless steel fabrications we can handle most requests.

We have dedicated area set aside to be able to deal with your assembly work should it be required prior to despatch.

If it is not possible for us to manage your requirements in-house, we also have a network of sub-contract service providers such as Bead blasting, galvanising, zinc plating, powder coating, wet spraying or machining. Leaving you to raise one order and we will do the rest.


UK Manufacturer

As the LWC Group, we have access to the best manufacturing technology in the world, from high speed automated laser cutting to Robotic Welding. Our facillities are hard to beat allowing us to produce quality goods in cost effective ways and with all services under one roof.